Welcome to the San Antonio SCORE Chapter

Whether you are in the planning stages, or are ready to go to the next level, we're here to help you with free mentoring and low-cost training. Volunteers can meet with clients at convenient locations in San Antonio.

Chapter 164 San Antonio was chartered in 1974 to serve as a unique resource within the local business community by providing efficient and effective delivery of pro bono, high quality technical and managerial mentoring and guidance to prospective and existing small businesses and non-profit organizations in the greater San Antonio, Texas area. The Chapter relies on the services of some 40 business men and women with real-world experience and a strong belief in the importance of small business.

In order to ensure that services are timely, relevant, and diverse, the Executive Committee invests in areas promising long-term success. To this end, thrusts continue to expand both the volunteer base and local awareness of our services. In addition, programs are evaluated against the Chapter’s objectives to ensure goals and objectives are in keeping with the Chapter’s strategic plan.

Chapter Core Values

  • Client focus
  • Delivery of quality service designed to meet each client’s specific needs
  • Ensuring the ethical and professional conduct required to make a significant contribution to the community

Chapter Goals

  • Identifying, meeting, and exceeding client expectations
  • Provision of timely, well-designed training to ensure quality consulting to clients
  • Recruiting a team of diverse and dedicated volunteer mentors, speakers, and workshop presenters
  • Marketing services to increase awareness of SCORE in the community
  • Improving communications
  • Ensuring sustainable financial viability

Chapter Funding

The San Antonio Chapter is funded, in part, by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and shares office space with the SBA office. Other financial avenues include the conduct of workshops and other fund raising activities including the grateful acceptance of your donation!



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We publicize our workshops and other information about SCORE using Constant Contact.  We would love to keep you up to date about our activities.  Even if you might not be interested, perhaps you know someone who would.  So, please join our list now!


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