San Antonio SCORE Partners

How do businesses and other organizations support San Antonio SCORE?

Some, such as the Library, provide facilities and other support for our mentors to use in working with our clients.  Others, such ad David Plemons give of their time and facilities for workshops that are beneficial to our clients.    Others may donate money, services or items that support our mission.

How might partnering with San Antonio SCORE be beneficial?

For non-profit organizations, their benefit derives from providing additional service to their patrons.  For-profit businesses may benefit from the additional exposure to potential clients.  Since San Antonio SCORE is a 501 (c) 3 organization there may be tax benefits derived from your support.

In every case, the most important benefit for all is the support that SCORE provides to folk who need guidance and training to start or operate their small business or non-profit organization.

Our Partners

We gratefully acknowledge the support provided by these businesses and organizations.

San Antonio Public Library


Small Business Administration





Becoming a San Antonio SCORE Partner

Contact us to learn more about partnering with San Antonio SCORE.