Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Hiring an independent contractor or new employee is an important decision that every owner(s) will face at some point during the life of his or her small business.  For many, the idea to use contract labor in lieu of full- or part-time employees is very attractive.

Starting a Business in South Texas

Starting a business or non-profit organization is not a trivial undertaking. The following steps should only be undertaken after you have completed your business plan and obtained sufficient funding.

The Need for an Accounting System

A more comprehensive accounting system will collect and organize important business information and take a business beyond record keeping and provide important financial data for future planning.

Suggestions for Start-Ups and Those In Need of Financing

A few salient tips from veteran SCORE mentor Colin Jones, Mentor Emeritus about traps to avoid and ways of saving money.

ACCION - Small Business Loans $200 - $250,000 - $5 Million

ACCION Texas Inc. is a multi-state nonprofit organization that provides solutions to business owners’ financing needs. ACCION Texas Inc. offers business loans and consulting to start-ups and existing businesses.

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